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hors d’oeuvres

crispy spring roll (each)
regular or vegetarian
deep fried stuffed crab claw (each)6.50
sweet & sour shrimp rolls (4 pc)6.00
pan fried hockey pucks (6 pc)
dumpling w/ shrimp, chinese vegetable
shanghai dumplings (6 pc)
pan fried or steamed
deep fried calamari 10.00
fried spicy bean curd 9.00
b.b.q. pork tenderloin 13.00
pearl appetizer platter (for two)
spring rolls, wonton, fried garlic shrimp dumpling & shrimp rolls
seaweed salad6.50
smoked vegetarian roll 8.50
marinated cucumber w/ jelly fish12.00


cream corn & chicken soup5.00
mushroom w/ egg drop soup5.00
chicken wonton soup
wonton made w/ shrimp
mince beef & snow pea leaves soup6.00
hot & sour soup
chicken & vegetables
szechuan seafood hot & sour soup
(extra spicy)
seafood w/fish maw thick soup6.75
tom yum goong
traditional thai style soup w/seafood & chicken
seafood & bean curd thick soup6.75

pearl specialties

rainbow chopped in crystal fold
finely chopped pork, chinese sausage, mushroom, water-chestnuts, celery & carrots, sauteed and served in crisp lettuce
b.b.q. duck47.00
peking duck (two courses)
second course: rainbow chopped in crystal fold
braised lobster in home made sauce
w/e-mein noodle
braised lobster w/ginger & green onion60.00
braised lobster w/black bean & garlic sauce60.00
fried eggplant & minced pork w/spicy sauce18.00
breaised bean curd & minced pork w/spicy sauce17.00
fried beef short ribs w/honey black pepper sauce24.00
steamed sliced eggplant in minced garlic sauce16.00
black bean chicken sauteed with mushrooms in hot po20.00

pork & beef

boneless sweet & sour pork18.00
deep fried spicy pork cutlet18.00
sauteed beef hunan style19.00
sauteed beef w/ green peppers, black bean & garlic sauce19.00
sauteed beef w/ snow peas & mushrooms19.00
sauteed beef w/ chinese broccoli19.00
orange beef w/sesame seed21.00
beef tenderloin in teriyaki sauce21.00
crispy honey beef with sesame seed21.00
Sauteed beef & eggplant in hot pot20.00


stir-fried long bean w/black bean sauce14.00
stir-fried garden fresh mixed vegetables16.00
snow peas w/ two kinds of mushrooms16.00
braised bean curd w/ vegetables in oyster sauce16.00
eggplant w/ spicy garlic sauce16.00
baby bok choy w/ oyster sauce or garlic sauce or stir-fried17.00
chinese broccoli w/oyster sauce or garlic sauce or stir-fried17.00
chinese green w/ oyster sauce or garlic sauce or stir-fried17.00
snow pea leaves w/ garlic sauce or oyster sauce or stir-fried19.00


sauteed shrimps w/ cashew nuts24.00
stir-fried shrimp w/ garlic sauce24.00
seafood combination w/ snow peas & king mushroom24.00
szechuan scallops & shrimp24.00
sauteed shrimps w/ fresh mango25.00
supreme peking prawns
fried praws with spicy sweet sour sauce
orange prawns w/sesame seed27.00
da qian’s favorite prawns
stir-fried prawns w/black bean sauce & hot chili sauce
scallops sauteed w/black pepper sauce28.00
wok-fried scallops in maggi sauce28.00
deep fried spicy soft shell crab28.00
deep fried filet of sole w/sweet & sour sauce24.00
stir-fried grouper w/king mushroom28.00
stir-fried grouper w/ spicy XO sauce28.00
braised grouper tail w/vegetable40.00


crispy skin chicken20.00
fried spicy chicken w/ ginger & onion19.00
lemon chicken19.00
sauteed chicken w/two kinds of vegetables19.00
ginger chicken19.00
chicken sauteed w/homemade hot & sweet sauce19.00
general tao chicken19.00
kung pao chicken19.00
chicken sauteed with fresh mango20.00
crispy honey chicken w/ sesame seed19.00


special wonton noodles w/ soup12.00
udon with spicy pork bone soup12.00
beef brisket noodle soup12.00
bean sprouts & soya sauce chow mein14.00
beef, chicken or mixed vegetables chow mein16.50
fried rice noodle w/ sliced beef & soya sauce16.50
singapore rice vermicelli
shrimp, pork chilli curry
cantonese chow mein
mixed seafood and assorted meats
country style e-mein noodle
soft noodles with shrimps, scallops, chicken and mixed vegetables
fried udon w/ seafood20.00


beef, chicken, b.b.q. pork or mixed vegetables fried rice15.00
yang-chow fried rice
shrimp & b.b.q. pork
pineapple chicken fried rice18.50
dried scallop w/ egg white fried rice19.00
pearl special fried rice
mixed seafood & chinese sausage
chicken fried rice with salted fish20.00
fried presserved meat sticky rice22.00
country style fried rice19.00
Steamed Rice2.50


ice cream
green tea, vanilla, mango or black sesame seed
deep fried banana w/ ice cream6.00
mango pudding6.00
almond pudding6.00


specialty chinese teas1.75
soft drink2.75
mineral water8.00

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